Digital infrastructures

Corporate information systems rely on increasingly complex and heterogeneous digital infrastructures: software, servers, networks, workstations, etc., constantly impacted by new digital technologies (5G, AI, IOT, Cloud, Big Data, etc.) and whose design, deployment and operation therefore require specialized, up-to-date and multidisciplinary skills.


 The INTM Group brings its expertise in optimizing digital infrastructures set up by its clients:

  • Data Centers;
  • Fixed and mobile networks (5G);
  • Workstation management;
  • Virtualization;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Service-oriented Architecture;

INTM’s know-how covers:

  • Designing and optimizing infrastructures (system and network architecture, etc.);
  • Infrastructure deployment (management, expertise, etc.);
  • Operations management (maintenance, operation, supervision, support, etc.)

Success stories

  • We ensure (in “Service Center” mode) operational management of all a financial institution’s infrastructures: Data Center, Networks, Workstations.
  • We supported a project to deploy a single workstation for 5000 employees of a major bank.
  • We have advised and managed a project for the implementation of high performance infrastructures for a company in the energy sector.
  • We reviewed the supervision system of a bank’s infrastructures and applications (audit of the existing solution, then definition and implementation of an innovative solution with a significant ROI).
  • We provide level 2 and level 3 support for the IT infrastructure of a large industrial group.
  • We contributed to the implementation of new IT production processes for a company in the energy sector, facilitating relations between production and its customers.